Through the development of operations, we will make TREY more well-known and effective – Noora Hakulinen has been chosen as the new Chair of TREY for the year 2024!

The Council of Representatives of the Tampere University Student Union met on Tuesday 21st of November last week for an autumn general meeting. In the autumn general meeting, the Council decided on next year’s Action Plan and Budget and approved an updated Association Standing Order. Today, on November 29th, the Council met in a constitutive meeting, where it elected the presidium of the Executive Board and the Council of Representatives for 2024.

Next year’s Action Plan consists of four projects, which include measures to improve the everyday life of a university student in Tampere and to develop the operations of the Student Union. In 2024, the focus will be on the strategic goal of clarifying core activities, which is reflected in the compactness of the projects in the Action Plan. The Action Plan projects deal with the autumn Council elections, bringing the Student Union’s activities closer to the everyday lives of students, the introduction of a new association portal and the focal points of next year’s advocacy work. The approved budget supports and provides a framework for the implementation of activities, and with a total of €0, no result or loss will be made in 2024.

At its constitutive meeting today, the Council of Representatives elected for itself a new presidium, members of the committees under the Council, and the Student Union Chair and Executive Board for next year. The new Chair of the Council of Representatives is Onni Härkönen (Vihreä lista), 1. Chair-Vice is Alisa Hakkarainen (Kontakti) and 2. Vice-Chair is Arttu Timonen (Kontakti).

One representative from each Council Group of the Student Union was elected to the Administrative Committee, and the Council of Representatives appointed Elina Lehtinen (Vapaaboomarit) as Chair of the Administrative Committee.

Hanna Vähävuori, Artturi Lindeman, Masi Kajander, Antti Asp, Salla-Mari Palokari, Saskia Simisker, Olli Ruotsalainen and Lauri Ahlqvist were chosen as members of the financial committee, with Salla-Mari Palokari serving as the chair.

The chair of the board of the student union in 2024 is 5th year journalism student Noora Hakulinen (Kontakti), who is a long-term association activist and journalist. “I am extremely grateful and honoured for the confidence shown by the Council of Representatives. I am looking forward to next year, as I believe we will be able to take TREY in a more communal and effective direction together with the whole office,” says newly elected chairperson Noora.

TREYn hallitus 2024.

The members elected for Hakulinen’s board for year 2024 are Ingá Ryhänen (Kontakti), Mira Kokko (Kontakti), Riikka Yli-Rahnasto (Hallintotieteiden liitto), Anna Andersson, Ellinoora Laaksonen (Tampereen yliopiston vihreä vasemmisto), Rolands Jansons (MEMES 3.0 Tokyo Drift), Jemina Niskala, Sami Perkiö and Olivia Ranta (Pro Kasvatustieteilijät). The Executive Board will be organising later this year. Congratulations to all those who got elected!