Operational grants applying period 7.6.-1.7.

In 2019, TREY will provide its organizations with 80,000 euros in operational grants. Half of the sum will be divided according to the financial needs of the organization and half to the quality of the activities. Grants are based on the Association Standing Order and the criteria for the 2019 motivational part.

The applying period for operational grant for organizations is from 7.6. to 1.7. and at the same time it is possible to leave the association announcement. All organizations have been sent an activation link to Tahlo and instructions via email list. The guide to the association announcement and the action grant application can also be found below.

Here are some important things and answers to FAQ:

  • As a part of the association announcement you should report all board members, officers and other positions of responsibility on the site ”Board”. You can add titles from the ”Manage titles” button.
  • You can save the application as a sketch by pressing ”Send”. When you return to add information your previous text will be there. We’ll evaluate the latest version.
  • Please answer to the motivational part questions regarding your previous term. For associations whose accounting period is a calendar year, the actions of 2019 will be included in the operational grant application of 2020. You can include some of the actions that are planned for this term but the weight is heavily on the actualised actions of the previous term, so focus on those.
  • If you don’t have the member register that the 3 § of Association Standing Order demands and don’t know which part of your members are also members of TREY, please write 0 into the field.
  • Please note that the criteria for allocating operational grants includes: the association announcement is filled precisely and on time, the application form and required attachments are precisely filled and submitted, the association must have its own bank account, there must be at least ten members, unless the association has no human members.

Instructions for association operators

Association announcement and the operational grant application 2019

Application period: 7.6. – 1.7. | Decisions: By 1.9. | Payment: By 1.10. | In practice, the aim is to distribute and pay the grants during August.

You can leave the association announcement and apply for operational grants in the Tahlo system. In 2019, all associations will submit an association announcement. The association announcement is open during the operational grant applying period. In addition, all associations may apply for both or just one of the parts of the operational grant.

Your association’s account information has been sent by email either to your board’s email list, the chair of your association or to another contact person you have provided.

You can edit your answers directly in the system and save them as a draft.

If you don’t have the necessary attachments or your application will have other defects, agree about their delivery with the association sector before the application period ends.

Association announcement

● In 2019, all associations that have the association status will submit an association announcement, including those who have been granted the association status in 2019 or those who have submitted an association announcement to Tamy in 2018.

● The association announcement must include at least:

○ All the obligatory fields in the “General” tab

○ All members of the board and other persons of trust and operators on the “Board” tab

○ The current term of office’s plan of action submitted to the “Attachments” tab

● Fill in your association’s up-to-date information. Being up-to-date is important because these announcements are used when communicating to the associations.

Operational grant application

Means-tested part

○ The grant is granted according to financial need.

○ Fill in the economic indicators and the amount you are applying for.

○ You can also give short justifications. For example, you can tell about an unfortunate or exceptional situation that the organization has encountered.

Motivational part

○ The motivational part is granted according to the quality of activity.

○ Read the questions carefully and only answer to what is asked.

○ You can leave some questions unanswered.

○ If the question has examples or it includes subsections, take all of them into account. This only applies to the question, not the possible instructions under the answer field.

○ Give concrete examples. If your associations have documents that steer the matter, you can mention them and explain how they affect your activity.

○ If needed, an answer to a question can be continued in the Further details field. In this case, notify that the answer will continue in the section of that specific question and in the beginning of the Further details field.

○ You don’t need to deliver a course certificate from TREY’s accounting lecture.


Contact the association sector in all questions concerning the association announcement and the Tahlo system. We will also add answers to frequently asked questions on our website https://trey.fi/en/associations/associationservices/grants. You can reach the whole sector from jarjesto@trey.fi. You can also contact us directly:

Organisational affairs Specialist Tuulia Laakso: 040 7130079 | @treytuulia | tuulia.laakso@trey.fi

Organisational affairs organiser Adam Zeidan: @personaltreyner | adam.zeidan@trey.fi

Further information about the association announcement and grants can be found from TREY’s Association Standing Order from https://trey.fi/media/liite-8tampereen-ylioppilaskunnan-yhdistysohjesaanto.pdf.