TREY awarded meritorious association actives

TREY awarded meritorious association student actives and student representatives at the TREYHEM-gala on 8 December 2022. The awarded are:

  • Council representative of the year: Saskia “Tupsu” Simisker
  • Advocacy act of the year: Boomi
  • Student representative of the year: Emmi Eskelinen
  • Well-being act of the year: UrOs, Lempee-päivä
  • Association active of the year: Markus Kunnari
  • Sustainable development act of the year: Staabi
  • Event of the year: TEA-Club & NMKSV, Pink sitsis
  • TREYHEM of the year: TARAKI, Academic Donating World Championship 2022
  • Tutor of the year: Bakhtawar Khan
  • Wappu event of the year: TTHP, Takatalwi
  • Equality act of the year: Interaktio, Pride-week

Warm congrats to the ones awarded! TREY’s Board made the decisions on who would be awarded in its meeting on 30 November 2022.