TREY cancels its second anniversary celebration and “sillis” brunch

TREY’s Board has decided in its meeting on Thursday 10. September to cancel the Student Union’s second anniversary celebration and sillis brunch. TREY’s Board saw that the ongoing corona situation has not changed after the previous event cancellations. As such, the Board felt that canceling the event in question was the responsible decision. Because of the nature of TREY’s table celebrations, organising the anniversary celebration in a safe and pleasant manner was not seen as possible. Because TREY’s anniversary celebration invites attendees from all over Finland, we did not see encouraging travel as a responsible decision.

Instead of the anniversary celebration, TREY is holding a flag ceremony on 24. October in Raatihuone. In the flag ceremony, the Student Union’s flag is inaugurated in a cocktail ceremony that is organised for attendees and members of our community in Tampere. A flag ceremony is traditionally organised when an organisation’s flag is officially used for the first time. The flag ceremony is a party for invitees and it will also be streamed. More information about the ceremony and streaming will be published before the event.

More information:

  • Chair of the Board Annika Nevanpää (puheenjohtaja(at), 050 361 2845)
  • Board member in charge of events Salla-Mari Palokari (salla-mari.palokari(at), 040 7130082)