TREYs Council Election Market is hosted in virtual format on 21.10. and 22.10.

Due to the unusual year TREY’s Election Market moves to a virtual format. Welcome to the TREY Election Market! In this event you have the chance to get to know different Electoral Alliances by going around their Zoom meeting rooms. You can also tune yourself to the election vibe.

Below are the instructions on how to participate. Links to the meeting rooms will be published in the Election Market event which will be linked here.

Instructions for participants

  • Choose an Electoral Alliance that interests you and join their Zoom-meeting.
  • You can ask about their goals or anything at all you want to know about the election
  • The Electoral Alliances are there for you! So don’t be afraid to ask questions!
  • You can also change the meeting or even visit every group’s meeting if you want!
  • You can share your best election vibes on social media channels with the hashtag #tredari

Some rules for the Election Market

  • Any sort of harassment is strictly forbidden 
  • Participants who break these rules can be removed from the event.
  • This includes discourse where, for example, hate speech, incitement to violence or agitation against a segment of the population occurs, or signs, symbols or images related to those are present. 
  • Let’s make sure that everyone feels welcomed to the conversation.

This event follows TREY’s principles for safer spaces, which can be found on our Steering Documents subpage.