Demonstration of support to Ukraine and advice for students on how to deal with the situation

Yesterday, on 24 February, Russia started an invasion of Ukraine. These events shocked the world and it is very humane that this situation is causing fear and anxiety. We’ve put together a list of things to keep in mind in this situation:

  • The feelings evoked by this situation are natural reactions that you need time to deal with. Don’t be alone with your thoughts, instead talk to your loved ones while caring for each other.
  • If you need discussion help, MIELI Mental Health Finland’s crisis phone is open Monday to Thursday in English at 09 2525 0113. Crisis phone available at the following times: Mon-Tue 11-15, Wed 13-16 and 17-21 and Thu 10-15.
  • You can continue your daily life normally. There is peace in Finland. Follow the instructions of the authorities, if instructions are given.
  • Be merciful to yourself in following the news and take breaks from social media and news. Try to avoid so-called “doomscrolling,” which means using screen time to receive excessive negative news.
  • Remember source criticism when posting to social media about the situation. A lot of disinformation circulates in war and spreading it is one of the means of modern warfare.
  • The current situation does not justify racism and there must be no room for racism at all. The war situation is not the fault of Russians or Russian-speakers living in Finland.

MIELI Mental Health Finland’s support page

Finnish Red Cross’ psychological first aid

Tampere University and other Finnish universities condemn Russia’s attack on Ukraine, as do the city of Tampere and the Finnish State. Tampere University’s incident response team will regularly monitor the situation in Ukraine to maintain an overall picture of the situation and decide on the necessary guidelines and measures, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine also affects the operational environment of universities. More information regarding the University’s incident response team can be found on Intra.

We at the Student Union of Tampere University show our support for Ukraine, international students and all members of our community affected.