Who’s your top pick for the Board of Tampere University?

Who do you think should have a seat on the Board of Tampere University? We students can now nominate talented candidates for the board!

The term of office of two current board members will expire at the end of this year, which means that two new board members will be appointed this autumn. Board members are appointed by the Academic Board. The Academic Board is asking members of the university community to nominate candidates for the Board of Tampere University. Read the University’s announcement on intranet.

Students and organisations can send their suggestions to the Student Union or directly to the University. Nominate an awesome person from your own field or find a suitable candidate from some other discipline! It is important for us to receive many proposals from students to make sure that the students’ voices are heard during the appointment process of the Board of Tampere University. You can submit your suggestion to the Student Union using a Jotform online form.  To submit your suggestion directly to the University, use the e-form which you can find through this intranet news article.

We are collecting suggestions from students and organisations between 30 June and 10 August. The Student Union will then discuss the suggestions, and on 27 August, our Executive Board will make a decision on the students’ joint proposal. The deadline for the university community’s proposals is 31 August. We will publish the names of nominated candidates after the Student Union’s Executive Board has made the decision.

To help you nominate your candidates, we have put together a comprehensive information pack. Check out this information pack to learn more about the composition, operation and membership criteria of the Board of Tampere University.

For more information about the university board’s appointment process, please contact Jenny Vaara, Student Union’s Specialist in Educational Affairs (out of office between 29 June and 7 August). During Jenny’s absence, you can contact Aliisa Toivanen (the Speciliast in International Affairs and Advocacy) for advice.