24/7 spaces in the city center campus

More 24/7 spaces have opened up in the city center campus! The new spaces are on the 3rd floor of Pinni A Gatehouse. All of the lecture halls are in use 24/7 (except for A3112) and are open for students when there is no teaching or reservations for that lecture hall. The reservations can be seen from the schedule by the side of the doors. Lecture hall A3111 is meant for silent working so please take this into consideration while working in this space. Below are listed all the current 24/7 spaces in the city center campus:

  • Linna:
    • Silent reading room
  • Pinni A Gatehouse:
    • 3rd floor lecture halls (excluding A3112). A3111 for silent working only.
    • 4th floor computer classroom and TREY’s association space
  • Tietopinni:
    • Computer classrooms on the 0-floor