Answer TREY’s coronavirus survey by 16 May!

TREY wants to hear about students’ experiences during the coronavirus period. The prolonged pandemic situation has hit students hard and put us in a completely new situation where everything happens remotely, and many people study only alone in their apartments. To map students’ experiences, we have opened a coronavirus survey that is open from 20 April to 16 May. The survey is aimed at degree students, exchange students and doctoral students at Tampere University.

It takes twenty minutes to answer the survey and you will find the answer link in your email! The link has been sent in the morning of 20 April from the University’s koronainfo-email.

Vastaa TREYn koronakyselyyn!

Survey description

Purpose and objectives

Dear student of Tampere University, you have been invited to participate in the survey of the Student Union of Tampere University (TREY) and share your experiences of studying during the COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of TREY’s COVID-19 Student Survey is to understand what effects this exceptional situation has had on the students of Tampere University. Our objective is to obtain information about remote learning, the well-being and income of university students, and the impact of the pandemic on the use of campus facilities.

Completing the survey

The COVID-19 survey is completed as an online form via Jotform. The survey is targeted at the students of Tampere University. The survey will be available from 20 April to 16 May 2021 on Jotform.

Students will receive survey invitations through the University’s communication channels, with the University’s permission. The only way to take the survey is by clicking the link you have received by email. TREY will share information about the survey on its communication channels. Participating in this survey is completely voluntary. You can decide not to take the survey at any point without prior notice.

Confidentiality and data protection

The survey is completely anonymous. You will not be asked to submit any personal data when you take the survey. All responses will be processed with confidentiality and reported so that the results cannot be linked to anyone personally. All data will be securely kept under lock and key and stored in password-protected computers and information systems, in accordance with TREY’s privacy policy.

The survey is coordinated by Laura Kaipia, Specialist in Social Affairs at TREY, and carried out by TREY’s employees and board members assigned to conducting the survey. The attached privacy policy will give you more details about the privacy aspects of this survey.

For what purposes will the survey results be used?

The results of TREY’s COVID-19 Student Survey will provide up-to-date information about students’ lives during the pandemic. TREY will also use the results to promote its advocacy work and knowledge-based management. The final results will be made publicly available on TREY’s communication channels, including TREY’s website, according to TREY’s principles.

Further information

Laura Kaipia, Specialist in Social Affairs, Student Union of Tampere University, tel. 0407130074,