Application open for SYL’s Climate network

Are you concerned about climate change? Do you want to put some of your knowledge to use for the rest of the world?

We are looking for people with lots of ideas who are committed and motivated to join SYL’s Climate network. The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) represents 15 member organizations and 135,000 university students. The Climate Network acts as an advisor to SYL’s Board on climate impact and works together with a member of SYL’s Board.

We do not expect you to be a professional – motivation and a desire to learn new things about sustainable development and climate change are enough. We require members of the climate network to commit to their responsibilities. Members of the climate network are expected to attend meetings actively during their term.

The climate network develops the climate impact of SYL and the student unions. The Climate Network is a group of student union actors and students who write blog posts on SYL’s website, represent SYL at various events and events, participate in various rounds of opinions as an advisory body, and devise and develop climate impact for SYL and student unions. Additionally, the network will participate in planning new climate-related projects.

The term of office begins in August 2023 and ends in July 2024. A maximum of 15 members will be elected to the climate network. The climate network meets about once a month and generally works remotely.

We are looking for a chair for the climate network to lead the climate network’s activities and meetings. The chairman also reports on the activities to SYL’s Board of Directors.

Applicants from different backgrounds are welcome. Applications should be accompanied by a letter of motivation in which the applicant can indicate his or her interest in being a member of the climate network. The applicant is also asked to indicate what they would like to learn during the climate network. In addition, the applicant is invited to express their interest in chairing the Climate Network. Any longer-term barriers to attending meetings (e.g. planned studies abroad) are also requested.

Send the application on 7.5. by emailing TREY’s social policy expert Ilona Taubert at with the title “application to SYL’s climate network.

We hope to receive applications from persons from diverse backgrounds and genders. The selection takes into account the applicant’s
motivation, experience and the fact that the advisory board has representatives from different student unions.