Apply for Tampere University’s Internationalisation Grant

The Education and Learning unit at Tampere University invites applications for internationalisation grants from student associations affiliated with the student union TREY. The grant is worth €20,000. The University coordinates the awarding of the grants in cooperation with TREY.

The purpose of the grants is to support and encourage student associations to carry out activities that support internationalisation among students, especially internationalisation on the home campus. A particular goal is to support the efforts taken by student associations to promote the integration of international students (both degree-seeking and exchange students) into our student community. This includes, inter alia but not limited to, including international students in association activities and getting to know Finnish speaking students.

Preparations for the allocation of grants are taken by a committee comprising staff members from the University’s Financial Services, Education and Learning, Communications as well as representatives of TREY. The committee will prepare a proposal for the allocation of grant funds and review the reports that will be submitted by grant recipients. The final funding decisions will be made by the President of Tampere University.

Student associations that are affiliated with the student union TREY are eligible to apply for funding for activities that are either geared towards international students or towards supporting internationalisation among students. The university does not grant support to the actors who use discriminatory grounds (for example a sex) as criteria of the membership.

Grants may be awarded to support the development of international activities such as:

  • activities that support students’ internationalisation on the home campus (efforts that promote intercultural learning and communications or foster intercultural understanding in the workplace);
  • general development of international activities (new event concepts, collaboration, purchases, marketing and communications, training, translation services);
  • networks and events aimed at improving international students’ employment prospects, creating social networks in Finland and settling in Finland;
  • events (study trips, exploring different cultures, collaboration between associations, costs of travelling to union meetings)

Funding will not be granted to support:

  • international activities that are part of the association’s standard activities (such as communications in English, events open to international students), as support for these activities is already included in the operational grants that the associations receive from the student union;
  • activities for which financial support has already been sought from Tampere University (for example, from a faculty).

Criteria for awarding grants

When assessing applications, we will consider the expected impact of the planned activities.  We will apply, among other things, the following criteria to assess impact:

  • How well is the application done
  • How will be planned activities promote the university community’s internationalisation and international activities?
  • How many people are you expecting the planned activities to reach?  What is the target group?
  • What is the goal of the planned activities? Who will be affected by this goal? What is the time span?
  • What will change as a result of the planned activities? How will the planned activities affect the target group’s level of expertise, overall situation, the range of opportunities available to them, or their well-being?
  • Describe the long-term impact of the planned activities.
  • The association works at the university level and fields crossing levels when it comes to internationalization.

Practical information

Grants are offered to support activities that will take place in 2023. Funding may be sought for one or more types of activity. The proposed activities may be prioritised depending, for example, on the amount of funding available.

The closing date for applications for the internationalisation grant is 12 February 2023. Apply for an internationalisation grant by filling out the application Microsoft Forms -form.

Provide the following documents as attachments:

  • The association’s latest completed financial statement
  • A budget for the planned activities that indicates how the funding will be allocated to different categories.

Grant recipients will be required to file reports documenting the funded activities and their impact. The reporting deadline will be separately announced.


Tampere University: Ella Karman, specialist, tel. +358 50 301

Student union of Tampere University: Yeti Kakko, specialist in association affairs, tel. +358 40 713 0079,