Apply for TreSilienssi Project’s Event Grant!

Tampere Universities’ TreSilienssi project continues to run through the academic year 2021-22. Its aims include supporting student events, thus improving student well-being and combatting loneliness and detachment from the community. The pandemic has hit many students quite hard, so our purpose is to find ways of improving the situation through different activities.

In the autumn of 2021, the project and TREY will open an application round for funds to organise events. The event funding is open to all associations operating within TREY. Its purpose is to boost the important work that is already being done by the associations as well as to facilitate the creation of new events and activities.

We especially encourage applications for events which would be organised jointly by two or more associations and events which would be open to all members of the Tampere Universities community. These are not, however, prerequisites for receiving the funding. Applying for the event funding does not guarantee that the association receives it, and TreSilienssi & TREY reserve the right to distribute the available funds in the best way they see fit.

Application criteria

    • The event improves of supports the student community, social interactions and encounters and student well-being.
    • The event is alcohol-free and accessibility is taken into consideration. The event costs will be refunded against receipts, and no receipts of alcohol purchases will be refunded.
    • The event is not limited only to first-year students. The pandemic has hit other students as well over the last 18 months.
    • The event organiser must follow the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines set by the authorities, as well as TREY’s own event organising guidelines and the university’s COVID guidelines.
    • No discrimination or harassment is tolerated in the event, and the organisers must be active in making the event safe for all participants.

An association can apply for funding for only one event or an event series. The maximum amount of funding you can apply for is 1000 euros. If we receive applications for more money than available, smaller amounts than originally applied for certain events may be granted. The applications must be submitted through an online form, which you can access through this link.

The application period is 6 September-3 October 2021. Late applications cannot be entertained. TreSilienssi and TREY will make the decisions on how the distribute the funds by the end of October. The events organised with the awarded funds must be organised between November 2021-April 2022. The associations which is awarded the funding must submit a short, written report to the TreSilienssi project after the event has taken place. Detailed information on reporting duties will be sent to the applicants who will be given funding.

The funding can be awarded to all sorts of events. For example, you can develop and existing event concept further or come up with a whole new event. The support from TreSilienssi offers a good chance to extend resources to activities which support your association and your members’ well-being. You are the true experts of our community and students’ needs, so be creative!

Any questions regarding the funding can be directed to coordinator Mikko Salminen ( or Mikael Lehtonen (, the specialist in association affairs at TREY.