Apply for TREY’s executive board 2021!

The search for TREY’s executive board 2021 is now open! Apply to build your student union, influence student-related issues and improve our community into an even better one!

Working in the Board

The Board is responsible for maintaining the student union’s daily tasks along with other personnel at the student union’s office in Hervanta. In addition to the daily tasks and leading of the different sectors, the Board conducts continuing student advocacy and influencing as well as represents the student union within the membership, organisations and external interest groups. In addition, the Board is responsible for the fulfillment of the Action Plan.

At the beginning of the year 2021 most of the Board’s work will be done remotely, but the Board will meet weekly in the Student Union’s office at Hervanta. The student union Board members work full-time and are paid for their work. Please note that studying and working in the Board simultaneously is an extremely challenging task because of the tight schedules and workload.

The executive board works on a calendar year, but the ones chosen for the board will start their introduction to the job at the end of this year. The bilingualism of TREY’s internal processes, operations and everyday life is still in its infancy. The administrative language of the Student Union is Finnish, but it is also possible to serve on the board for students who use English as their business language.

Applying to the Board

You can apply to the Board beginning on Monday 9 November at 11.00.  If you provide your application by 17.11. you get visibility in TREYs channels and events related to the board application. It is also possible to apply in the council’s meeting 26 Novermber. Please notice that the council will get to know you better if you fill the form before 17.11.

We will update information on the applicants as they surface on TREYs website. Attached to the application form, you can submit other application materials like an introduction video or flyer, but these are not required from applicants.

Apply to the Board by using this Jotform-form.

TREY’s Board of 2020 will hold a Board info event on Monday 9 November at 16-18 in Zoom. In this info, the Board will give information regarding TREY’s sectors and working in the Board. The recording of the Board info can be found on TREY’s Youtube channel as a hidden link.

There is a panel for applicants on 17.11. The recording of panel for applicants can be found on Youtube.

More information on applying: Annika Nevanpää (, 050 361 2845) and Secretary General Venla Monter (, 050 361 2854).