Apply for TREY’s Good Teacher -award committee!

We are looking for 1-3 representatives for Good teacher award committee for the year 2023. The search is open for all TREY’s members. The application period for the position of representatives is open from 6 March to 19 March. The committee will be working in spring and beginning of autumn. Committees tasks are to coordinate the preparations of the award, handle the proposals and to create a selection proposal. The title will be awarded to three teachers every year.

What is this about?

The Student Union of Tampere University (TREY) appreciates the quality of teaching at the University of Tampere, the interest of the teaching staff in developing teaching and education, and the emphasis on student friendliness in teaching. TREY’s goal is to take the teaching staff into account widely in the university community, and for this reason we want to give an award each year to particularly well-performing teaching staff members for their work. The award has been a tradition of both former Universities, and former Student Unions Tamy and TTYY have played a big part in the arrangements of distribution of this award.

At the new Tampere University, the Good Teacher award is given once a year to three teachers. The award was first presented in 2020. Award winners can be nominated by both individual students and associations with TREY association status. Each nominating party (student or association) can nominate one member of the teaching staff per year.

Search criteria and expectations

Any member of the Student Union can apply to the committee. The faculty distribution is considered in the selection.

How to apply for a student representative?

Applications for the committee are submitted by sending an open application as a .pdf file to The applications are processed by Specialist in Educational and International Affairs, Jenna Rantanen. A summary of the applications is compiled, and the committee is appointed by TREY’s Executive Board at its meeting.


Additional information on applying and the position provided by:
Jenna Rantanen, TREY’s Specialist in Educational and International Affairs
tel. +358 50 361 2849,