Apply to Kollektiivi!

Kollektiivi is the event section of TREY which is comprised of volunteers. Kollektiivi arranges events throughout the year for the whole community! The section is starting its second year, so there are many opportunities for developing TREY’s event offering and event culture! Next year Kollektiivi will participate (at least) in the creation of the following events:


Tampere-appro is an event fully organized and planned by Kollektiivi. It is especially oriented towards fuksis and is a great way to get to know your hometown. The locations can vary from a museum tour to a hockey match, so nothing is ruled out!

TREY’s annual celebration

One of the highlights of TREY’s year is the annual celebration where we gather to celebrate the student union’s journey so far. As a member of Kollektiivi you will get to join the planning of the whole event from the cocktail party til the brunch!

Newcomers’ orienteering

The newcomers’ orienteering is a first TREY event for many students. Kollektiivi will take part in the planning of the after party so this is a great chance to show our new students what our student community is about!

Sitsis for the whole student union

Kollektiivi also has the opportunity to arrange sitsis for the whole student union! Anyone is welcome to this event, so there will surely be interdisciplinary encounters and great atmosphere.

At least one new event wholly planned and organized by Kollektiivi

Kollektiivi also has resources for creating entirely new events which can be anything the members want to produce! If you have an amazing idea for a new event, here is a great chance to make it happen and attach it to TREY’s event offering permanently!

In Kollektiivi, the most important factor is passion for events – experience is not needed. If you want to use your skills to make events for the whole community, that is all you need! However, if you are an experienced event organizer, there are some challenges for you, too – there is a lot to be done in the ground work of event culture for our over 18 000 students’ community!

How to join!

Send an open application to by 26.1.2020. Kollektiivi’s term is 1.1.2020-31.12.2020. If you have any questions, you can contact TREY’s event coordinator Salla-Mari Palokari at or in Telegram @treysalmari.