Open positions left in the event sector Kollektiivi!

TREY’s event sector Kollektiivi needs more members! After the open call a few positions remain to be filled. Read the descriptions below and apply here for the open positions!

Tampere-appro organiser

Participants of Tampere-appro explore the city by touring different locations and events. Examples of last year’s checkpoints are Tampere tramway’s “Mock-up” exhibition, munkki in the Pyynikki tower and Ilves–Tappara game! If you also want to explore the city from a different perspective and showcase its subtleties to others, this position is for you!

Marketing organiser

As most of TREY’s events are brand new, we have great need for marketing competence, so we can let as many people as possible know about our events. If you have terrific ideas on how to reach students as successfully as possible or on ads and other marketing material, this position was made for you!

Wappu event organiser

This year Kollektiivi organises a whole new Wappu event in the Teemutour for the whole student union! As the Wappu event organiser you get to come up with ideas and express yourself in the spirit of Wappu. You can apply for this position either with a ready-made concept or an idea that we can develop together.

Sitsit organiser

This year we want to organise a sitsit for the whole TREY! If you want to take your sitsit experience to the next level and come up with ideas for what a completely interdisciplinary sitsit would look, taste and feel like, this task is right up your alley.

Annual celebration or sillis organiser

TREY’s second annual celebration is organised in October, and Kollektiivi takes part in its planning and execution on every level. If you want to have an impact on how TREY celebrates its journey up till now, seize this opportunity! Your area of responsibility can be either the main celebration or sillis, the morning after event.

Submit your application by 16 February 2020. The Kollektiivi term is from 1 January to 31 December 2020.

Ask for more information on applying from Salla-Mari Palokari, our event organiser, from