Apply for TREY’s Executive Board starting 1 Nov

The search for TREY’s Executive Board 2020 starts on Friday 1 of November at 9.00. Apply to build your student union, influence student-related issues and improve our community into an even better one!

Duties of the Executive Board

The Board members manage the student union’s day-to-day activities with the student union’s specialists from TREY’s office in Hervanta. TREY’s Executive Board is a working board, which means it is a full-time job with a compensation. When applying, please notice that studying while in the board is difficult due to scheduling and the workload.

In addition to the day-to-day activities and leading their respective sectors, the executive board deals with the supervision of interests in the long term, and activities and is in charge of executing the plan of action. Each semester, the Executive Board has weekly meetings.

The composition of the Board

The Executive Board is composed of the Chairperson and a maximum of eleven other members. The Council determines the size of the Board annually when choosing the Board. Each member of the Executive Board is responsible for activities in one or more sectors. There are several sectors in the Student Union, including academic affairs, social welfare affairs, international affairs, organisational affairs, events, sports, corporate cooperation, development cooperation, environmental affairs, communication as well as municipal politics. The Board members work in collaboration with the Student Union’s Specialists. Despite the sector division, the members of the Executive Board work closely with each other and develop the Student Union.

Applying for the Board

We will publish the application form on a news article on our website on Friday 1 of November at 9 o’clock. We will update information on the applicants as they surface. Attached to the application form, you can submit other application materials like an introduction video or flyer, but these are not required from applicants. The form can be filled until the 19 November, which is the date for a common panel discussion for all applicants. It is possible to apply in the Council’s meeting on 27 November as well, but please notice that the Council will get to know you better if you fill the form and take part in the panel.

We will organise Executive Board info events on all three campuses, where those interested in applying will get to hear and ask about being in the Board. The info events will be held on Wednesday 6 November at 14–15 o-clock. We will update the rooms in the Facebook event. The Executive Board will be chosen on Wednesday 27 November starting at 16.15. The Executive Board works on a calendar year, but the ones chosen for the Board will start their introduction to the job at the end of this year.

More information on applying: Chair of the Board Paula Sajaniemi (, 050 361 2845) and Secretary General Venla Monter (, 050 361 2854).