Association, sign up your checkpoint for TREY’s Newcomers’ Orienteering 2024!

TREY’s Newcomers’ Orienteering 2024 is soon upon us, this time already in August! Newcomers’ Orienteering is a checkpoint orienteering that takes over the whole Tampere city centre in the beginning of the academic year. In the event, teams made up of freshers go around checkpoints organized by the associations. The event will be held on Wednesday 28 August 2024. Now we need checkpoint organizers from associations!

The criteria for checkpoint

  1. The checkpoint is possible to perform in a team of three to five people.
  2. The checkpoint is possible to perform in 10 minutes.
  3. The checkpoint is possible to perform alcohol-free.
  4. The checkpoint follows TREY’s equality plan and the principles for a safer space. You can find the equality plan and the principles for a safer space on TREY’s website.
  5. The checkpoint is possible to perform in Finnish and in English.

More info for organizing a checkpoint

  • The plan is to have all the starts of the event for new students between 3 PM and 5 PM (15-17) and they must return to the finish point at 9 PM (21.00), which means the points should be open from 3 PM to 9 PM (from 15 to 21).
  • When choosing the checkpoints, we’re considering the sign-up order and the idea for the checkpoint.
  • The organizer for the checkpoint has to be an association that has TREY’s association status. If you do not fulfill this criteria and would like to partake in the event, please reach out to us via and

Deadline for signing up your checkpoint will be on 9 August. We will contact all those who signed up as soon as possible after the deadline.

The sign up link has been sent to the association email list on 7 June with the title “Tervetuloa rastinpitäjäksi Fuksisuunnistukseen 2024!“ (apologies for the lack of a translated title!). If your association is not on the email list and it should be, kindly contact