Association, sign up your event to the Wappu calendar!

Wappu calendar collects all of the community’s Wappu events togetherduring The Biggest Wappu in Finland 11.4.–1.5.

Associations can register Wappu events now via the Google Forms event form.

Associations are encouraged to inform their Wappu events with low effort no matter the size and type of the event. The goal of the calendar is to inform students about all the different events which can be attended.

Teemu tour is an old tradition in Tampere where students collect stamps everyday from events in order to receive the wanted Emäteemu-position. Through the registration form, association can express their willingness to get their event part of the Teemu tour. By registering an event into the Student Union’s Wappu calendar, you are committed to the following criteria. If your association is organizing more than one event, please fill out the form for each event individually. The form is open until March 10th at 11:59 PM.

2024 Criteria for Wappu Calendar

The event follows the Equality Plan of the Student Union of Tampere University.

The event follows TREY’s principles for safer spaces. 

Every student has the chance to participate, and the students’ diversity (e.g., various degree programmes, gender, age, and other such factors) is considered as well as possible. Contact information for harassment contact persons must be mentioned in connection with the event, and the organizers must have a plan for how to react to possible harassment incidents during the event (contact information for TREY’s harassment contact person as well as the organization’s own harassment contact person, if available). For online events, the platform used must be as user-friendly as possible for participants. If participating in the event requires a ticket, it must be mentioned, as well as information on ticket sales.

2024 Criteria for the on the Teemu tour

  1. Criteria for the Wappu calendar
  2. When organizing the event, be prepared for up to 1000 people to attend.
  3. Participation in the event is completely free, with the exception of justified costs related to event organization.
  4. The event does not require consuming alcohol.
  5. Participants can complete the event also in English.

In addition, the Wappu team uses its own discretion in selecting events based on their diversity and visitor-friendliness. The Bommari and Etunurtsi venues at the Hervanta campus are reserved for the Wappu team during Wappu. Therefore, associations must reserve the venues through the Wappu team. If the event is a Wappu event, the request can be made via the Wappu calendar registration form. If the event is not included in the Wappu calendar, organizations should contact the Wappu team directly Please note that Bommari is not available 26.4.–30.4. for organizing events.

With any questions, please contact the Wappu team