Become a volunteer for TREY’s third annual celebrations!

TREY’s third annual celebrations and brunch will be celebrated on 16-17. October, and the annual celebrations will not be possible without the help of volunteers! Volunteering at events is a valuable and rewarding job that is also rewarded. Freshers may also earn fresher points from volunteering on their own organization’s fresher passport. There is no need for previous experience in volunteering, as you get introduction and guidance with the tasks!

For example, the volunteers work at a cocktail party to receive gifts and take care of drinks, work at the main party in the cloakroom and help with other arrangements at the party venue. Tasks at brunch may include, for example, heating the sauna and lot, decorating and cleaning the party venue, and maintaining the food service. A few volunteers with drivers licence are also needed for logistics. And if there is enough enthusiasm, you can use your creativity to decorate a brunch place or design program numbers, for example!

One shift lasts about 3-6 hours, and you can take several shifts if you wish. In the registration form you can tell in more detail for which shifts you are available. Please note that shift schedules and the tasks may still be updated due to many factors, such as current restaurant restrictions.

The volunteering tasks are performed together by a group, the volunteers have a contact person throughout the event and there are also more experienced volunteers on site to guide. An information session for volunteers will also be held in the week before the annual celebrations. So you can come to volunteer with confidence!

Volunteering is a great opportunity to get into the festive atmosphere from behind the scenes of the event and to get to know new people in an interdisciplinary way! At the same time, you will also get excellent experience in organizing events.

Meals will be arranged for the volunteers for the duration of the shift. Later in the autumn, the volunteers recieve a reward eventing,, the program of which will be decided by the volunteers together.

We select volunteers primarily in the order of registration, but we may make exceptions to include more experienced volunteers.

Sign up is open to October 7, so act soon! We will contact you shortly after the registration deadline. Welcome aboard!

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Photo credits: Ariane Raschke