Comment the TREY’s Plan of Action 2020

The Action Plan of 2020 is in the form of a project. The Action Plan includes the central development projects of the office which deviate from the daily activities of 2020. The Action Plan draft does not, therefore, include the office’s weekly or monthly activities, but instead involves the focal points and target of development for next year’s activities.

The Action Plan draft can be commented via this comment form. Please write down the relevant line numbers in the form and the type of the comment (general comment / change / addition). The comment form is closed on Friday 15 November.

When commenting the draft, please focus on commenting its target and measures sections especially. The descriptions of today are meant to present some background for the necessity of each project, and carry no guiding role. Please observe the draft as an entity: do you think all projects should be carried out? Is the number of projects appropriate? Is the sector division done properly? The objective of the drafting has been an Action Plan that is ambitious enough, but that does not place an excessive amount of stress to the next year’s office. This way, we ensure that the future actors can cope and react to any surprises that they may face next year. The Plan of Action can be found here.