The student union organises many traditional events, most of which are listed below.

Do you have a student band that wants to perform at one of our events? Read more on the Student band bank on it’s own subpage here.

Associations’ Kick-off

Associations’ Kick-off is held at the beginning of each year either in January or February. It is a collective training and networking event for all association actives. During the event you can attend various workshops, enjoy evening festivities and get to know other association actives. The workshops are themed around several topics relevant to associations including meeting techniques, management and communications.

The Biggest Wappu in Finland

The student Wappu in Tampere brings together students from different fields for a few weeks of Wappu hullabaloo! During Wappu, there will be hundreds of events organised by different associations all over the city, so there’s something for everyone to see and experience! Read more about Wappu on its own subpage!

Cup of kopo

Cup of Kopo brings together educational affairs actives in the topic to discuss and catch up on current matters about studies and faculties, all while enjoying some snacks. The agendas of the faculty councils are also gone through if needed. The meeting is directed towards the educational affairs organisers and study organisers and student representatives. The event takes place approximately once in a month.

Tutors’ event

An event held for tutors and international tutors at the beginning of fall. The main objective is to introduce the tutors to each other. The program consists of both informative workshops and informal hanging out.

Academic year’s opening celebrations

The Opening Day, true to its name, opens the new academic year for the university community and it’s usually held in the first week of September. The Opening Day is organised in cooperation with the university, and events and activities are offered all-day long, starting from the university’s opening ceremony and ending with the evening party. The purpose is to bring the whole university crowd together and to welcome new students.

Newcomers’ orienteering

The Newcomers’ orienteering is the student union’s grand 1,500-person event for freshers! The freshers are set off in teams from four different starting points and they go around different checkpoints organised by associations operating within TREY, where they complete different tasks and collect points. The teams with the highest tally are rewarded at the night’s closing party at Tullikamari!

Anniversary celebration

The anniversary celebration is an academic table party that celebrates yet another year of the student union’s activities. The annual celebration traditionally consists of a cocktail party, a table party organized in the evening and a sillis brunch event the next morning.

Well-being week

The well-being week is a week full of events organised in cooperation with the student union Tamko and associations. The programme of the week consists of various low-threshold well-being theme events. In earlier years, the programme has included collective runs, well-being fairs, couples’ massages, photography trips and much more.

Independence Day Parade

On Independence Day, the graduates of Tampere organise a torchlight procession in honor of the independence of Finland. The route leaves from the main building of the city centre campus and ends in the Central Square. On the way there, a wreath will be laid in the Kaleva cemetery.