TREY’s Good Teacher award

TREY’s Good Teacher award is a way for us students to thank the teaching staff for the work they do.

  • 2020: Hasse Nylund (Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences), Maiju Paananen (Faculty of Education and Culture) and Kirsi Granberg (Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology)

Certificates of honour

The Executive Board has decided at its meeting 38/2019 to award a certificate of honour to the persons who have done significant work in the merger of the student unions between 2017–2018:

  • Sanni Pietilä
  • Jukka Koivisto
  • Sanni Lehtinen
  • Lassi Mäkinen
  • Jari-Pekka Kanniainen
  • Rosa Lehtinen
  • Mikael Malkamäki

May Day Cap award

May Day Cap is a recognition award that is given annually to a cultural active in Tampere or the surrounding area who has significantly promoted the student culture and students’ culture, being a student and being despite studying. The receiver of the May Day Cap award is decided by the Executive Board of the student union.

  • 2021: Tr3 Gamers
  • 2019: The Tampere Student Housing Foundation TOAS

TREY rewards the most impressive and fun events and organisations during the annual PLÖRGIS.

Awards of 2020

Advocacy act of the year

Complex ry

Student representative of the year

Katariina Kojo

Council member of the year

Eero Heikkilä

Tutor of the year

Markus Salonen

Tutoring act of the year

Guild of Science and Engineering Hiukkanen ry

Well-being act of the year

Autek, Indecs and Man@ger’s kilometre challenge

International act of the year


Association active of the year

Alisa Hakkarainen

Event of the year

ESN INTO and ESN FINT’s Halloween Hunt

Event act of the year

TietoTeekkarikilta ry

TREYHEM of the year

SUD-organisers: Interaktio ry, Staabi ry and TARAKI ry

Awards of 2019

Potential of the year: Kyrpong World Championship

The year’s potential is a new innovation, event or other effort which plays a role in the improving the well-being of either the community or an organisation’s membership. The idea can be further developed and is likely to become a big thing.

Event of the year: Dildobingo

The best and greatest event of the year where all participants had fun, not forgetting the event’s organisers.

Student representative of the year: Suvi Parhankangas

The award is granted to an active and resourceful representative who has performed well and participated in creating good spirit among the Council throughout the term.

Advocacy act of the year: Cortex ry

The advocacy act of the year is an influential act regarding studying or students, and its impact can be seen in the daily life of students.

Wellness act of the year: HyRy / Niko Tattari & Niina Heiskanen

The wellness act of the year is an act that has acknowledged student equality, sports or mental health in a remarkable way.

International act of the year: ESTIEM Council Meeting Tampere

The international act of the year has in a remarkable way acknowledged the international students and improved their status or well-being in the community.

TREYHEM of the year: Wappuradio

An event or a phenomenon which united all TREY students from each study field and campus.

Improvement of the year: Reettorit ry

The improvement of the year changed something that used to be not-so-great, or at least much less great than now.

Tutoring act of the year: TiTe

The tutoring act of the year award goes to a deed involving either the tutoring team or the newcomers which displays remarkable caring of new students and willingness to develop tutoring activities.


Student Union of Tampere University held an open idea competition in order to renovate the spaces the student union owns in Pienteollisuustalo, Yliopistonkatu 60. The aim was to collect ideas for renovating the office spaces in a functional, feasible and innovative way. The winner was Maria Väätäinen with their work Hemma.