Wappu’s events

The amazing event calendar of Wappu reads as follows:

Thursday 15.4.

14:00 Wappuradio
17:00 Wappustudio T1

Friday 16.4.

10:00 Wappuheila
16:00 Wappuwisa T2
17:00 TamArk Paint&Sima

Saturday 17.4.

12:00 Aarteenetsintä T3

Sunday 18.4.

13:00 Wappuradio LIVE! T4A (Wappuradio LIVE! Facebook event)
18:00 Tassuterapia T4B

Monday 19.4.

10:00 Sekava taidegalleria
16:00 Wappulasipaja (Wappulasipaja Facebook event)
17:00 Löytyykö sulta speksileluja? T5

Tuesday 20.4.

10:00 WappuEscape
12:00 Skumppajooga T6A
13:15 Reivikontti T6B
16:00 Excaliburin Lautapeli-ilta
19:00 Regenerative Solutions

Wednesday 21.4.

14:00 Pop-up ulkosoittelut (Pop-up ulkosoittelut Facebook-event)
17:00 Wappuleffa T7A (Wappuleffa Facebook-event)
18:00 Megalauluiltama T7B (Megalauluiltama Facebook-event)

Thursday 22.4.

12:00 Akateemisen BeerPongin MM-kilpailut 2021 – Video Edition T8
14:00 Sustainability Meme Festival 2021: Grand Finale (Sustainability Meme Festival 2021: Grand Finale Facebook-event)
18:00 Kellarihumppa (Kellarihumppa Facebook-event)

Friday 23.4.

12:00 RJK T9 (RJK Facebook-event)
16:00 Pubivisa x Lexica @ Etä vol. 3 Wappu Edition (Pubivisa x Lexica @ Etä vol. 3 Wappu Edition Facebook-event)
18:00 Etäherwantapeli

Saturday 24.4.

12:00 Tupsulan sisäilma T10A
12:00 ISOkumirastikierros T10B (ISOkumirastikierros Facebook-event)
18:00 Transla ry:n munkkitreffi visailu
18:00 Vappu Cultural Exchange

Sunday 25.4.

12:00 Kissanäyttely (Kissanäyttely Facebook-event)
15:00 Reettoreiden Wappubingo
15:00 TTHP Takatalvi (TTHP Takatalvi Facebook-event)
18:00 WappuWiisut T11 (WappuWiisut Facebook-event)

Monday 26.4.

13:00 Speedfriending T12
16:00 Liskojen yö
19:00 Mallasmaraton

Tuesday 27.4.

10:00 Hervanta Challenge T13 (Hervanta Challenge Facebook-event)
14:00 Wappurasse
17:00 TAKS:n kyykkäshow

Wednesday 28.4.

14:00 Wappuvaihto T14

Thursday 29.4.

14:00 SIMAkisa T15
18:00 ESN FINT’s Online Wappu Pub Quiz
18:00 Time’s Up – Sustainability Themed Escape Room

Friday 30.4.

13:00 Chilibileet T16 (Chilibileet Facebook-event)
14:00 Minna Canthin patsaan etäkukitus
14:00 Wappu in the world
15:00 Wappustudio & Wappuvala T17
22:25 Lakitusstream on Facebook

Saturday 1.5.

7:15 Wappuverryttely T18
12:00 Wappusillis T19
20:00 WapunkaatoLIVE feat. NMKSV Big Band T20 (WapunkaatoLIVE Facebook-event)

Moodle platform

Information about the Wappu can be found on Moodle. The Moodle course area includes the Wappu Calendar and the Teemu Tour. During Wappu you must attend one Teemu Tour event everyday to be eligible to receive the legendary Emäteemu 2021 overall badge. You will need to attend a total of 20 events to achieve the badge. The Moodle platform consists of daily sections, each marked with a Teemu Tour event with the letter T. In addition to this, all Wappucalendar events are marked in their respective daily sections. To “stamp” an event, you must take the Moodle exam. Each event marked in the Teemu Tour has an event code that is entered into the Moodletent during the event. Time is on the essence, since the code has to be not just correct, but also submitted in a timely fashion for the exam to appear to the organizers as “passed”!