Could this be your moment to apply to become a student representative?

The search for student representatives is finally here! Every two years we start the exciting search for student representatives aka hallopeds for the next halloped term, which in this case is the term 2023-2024. The application period is open from 22 August to 18 September 2022. During this application period, hallopeds are being sought for a total of 91 student representative positions. We are now looking for student representatives for faculty councils, Education Council, Societal Interaction Council, University’s Appeals Committee and the Academic Board. Working in most of these bodies requires fluent Finnish skills, however the Societal Interaction Council’s main working language is English.

So what is a halloped?

Any degree student at the Tampere University can act as a halloped as long as they have been registered as present at the University. Hallopeds get to participate in the preparatory work and decision-making in the administration of our university. They work in the university’s administration in different administrative bodies and doing so they not only get to tell their own views, but they voice the entire student community. By applying to become a halloped, you do not commit to working in the position for the entire two years, so if necessary, you can resign from the position in the middle of the term.

As a halloped, you don’t have to be the toughest kid on the block or know our University regulations by heart. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated and active student advocates for our halloped assembly. As a Halloped, you can, among other things, get to know our university’s administration and decision-making more closely, participate in development activities and learn new things, for example, about meetings and university operations. Hallopeds also get paid for participating in the meetings and after having been in their position for at least a year, they can apply for study credits.

If you have even a small spark towards halloped activity, you should take a closer look at TREY’s halloped search page. On this page you can read the call for applications and get more detailed information about applying. We also recommend that you keep an eye on TREY’s social media, because while the application period is open, you will be able to hear the experiences of current hallopeds.