Get involved and influence on the development of our university’s operations

The well-being of the students and the university community; Students and working life at the core of teaching; How students can influence the University’s activities; How education is planned, implemented, and developed. These are just a few of the topics that students get to discuss in the Karvi-audit’s online workshops.

The external audit of Tampere University’s quality system (i.e., an impartial assessment of the state of the quality system) will be carried out on 10th–11th May 2023. We are now looking for students to participate in the online workshops where students’ experiences regarding education and advocacy and influence at the University, among other themes. The student workshops will be held online on Wednesday, 10th May at 12:50–14:50.

In order to participate in the workshop, the student does not need any kind of preparation, the most important thing is that they come to tell their own honest experiences about how to maintain and develop activity at the university. Students who participated in this two-hour workshop will receive lunch and coffee vouchers as a thank you, and for participating, you can also apply for one credit for freely chosen studies.

At Karvi’s request, we are looking for participants from different backgrounds: different faculties, degree programmes and phases of studies as follows:

– 12 Bachelor’s students from Finnish-language degree programmes

– 12 Master’s students from Finnish-language degree programmes

– 6 international Master’s students

We are also looking for substitute participants in case of illness or other scheduling issues.

In order for the workshops to take place, we hope for binding sign-ups. We will contact the participants before the online workshop with additional information. Sign up for the workshop is open until April 19 at 13:00 via the attached Forms-form (filling out the form requires identification with a Tuni user account)

More information about the workshops will be provided:

On behalf of the university,
Development Manager, Leena Ahrio,
Operations Management Chief Specialist, Terhi Yliniemi,

On behalf of the student union,
Specialist in Educational Affairs, Tiia Virtanen,