Give us your thoughts on the draft of next year’s Action Plan!

The draft of TREY’s Action Plan 2024 is here for your comments! During the year 2024, we intend to focus especially on clarifying and developing our core operations, which is one of this strategy’s main goals. This is reflected in the density of the projects in the Action Plan – we want to have more time to develop our operations.

The contents of the Action Plan itself are the focal points of our activities in 2024, which will be implemented in the Student Union in addition to ongoing activities. You can read more about our everyday advocacy and community work in the Description of Ongoing Activities.

In 2024, we will focus especially on the representative elections in the fall, developing systematic practices to presenting the Student Union, as well as introducing a new association portal to facilitate association activities, and advocating for topics important to students! The projects are diverse in content but focus on clearly defined entities.

Action Plan with numbered rows as a .pdf-file on TREY’s website.

The Action Plan draft can be commented via this Microsoft Forms -comment form. Please write down the relevant line numbers in the form and the type of the comment (general comment / change / deletion / addition). The comment form will be closed on 29 October 2023.

When commenting the draft, please focus on commenting the targets and suggested measures sections especially. The suggested measures are spesific ideas that could be done next year, and getting to the targets requires both these measures and everyday work and advocacy. The descriptions of today are meant to present some background for the necessity of each project, and carry no guiding role.

If you have any questions regarding the Action Plan, please contact Chair Anniina Honkasaari and/or the Specialist in Communications and Advocacy Saana Hytönen (