Greetings from the council’s meeting on 29.10.

TREY’s council met at Kauppi campus on the 29th of October. The council discussed the electing of the Academic Board’s student members, decided on the implementation method of TREY’s own student media, approved the Equality Plan of the student union and discussed applying for a development cooperation grant. In addition, the council complemented TREY’s representatives for the General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland, as TREY has one more electorate than we had been informed before.

Student members for the Academic Board Administrative studies student Annika Nevanpää and information technology student Mikko Kauhanen were elected as the Academic Board’s student members.

Student media of the student union The council agreed with the board and decided to found a journalistic student media for the student union. The student media will be carried out as a print and digital publication. The process will move into next year’s budget work and we will inform on the matter as it moves forward!

Applying for a development cooperation grant TREY will not apply for a development cooperation grant next spring.

The Equality Plan of the Student Union of Tampere The council approved of TREY’s equality plan, which is a description of the student union’s equality objectives. The Equality Plan complements TREY’s policy document. The Equality Plan is valid for three years and the realisation of it’s objectives will be followed with equality surveys. TREY aims for an equal student community, university community and society.

More information on the council’s decisions from the Secretary General Venla Monter (, 050 361 2854)