Helky’s adventures in Hervanta and other exciting stories

This autumn I had an imaginative pair of big shoes to fill as I became the new Paula of Paula’s desk. Luckily for me, the real OG Paula was there to introduce me the office, along with sharing some of its secrets… From now on, I’ll be on duty whenever you have business at Paula’s desk. The selection of goods I am now dealing includes a wide range of keys (the van, Teekkarisauna, Hotelli Torni), board games, annual registration stickers, staplers, pencils, measuring tape, facts and nonfacts.

Although I am a student of speech communication, I have spent a chunk of my free time here in Hervanta. I have been a visible and audible member of TTHP (Tampere Teekkaris’ Skiing and Sailing Club), the student theatre NääsPeksi and, the dearest of them all, the Rakkauden Wappuradio, “Wappuradio of Love”. This is why working here at Hervanta’s service desk means so much to me. I am familiar with the teekkari culture and have always felt welcome and at home both in Hervanta and the City centre campus.

My thanks for the warm welcome and countless useful tips and tricks goes to Paula. Now I know that student numbers should be read aloud three numbers at a time and that sometimes the service office’s printer prints out very mysterious documents from all around the campus. I also know now that Campari should be served with water, not orange juice, and that the tech student cap is just not going to stretch – if you buy it too tight, it’ll stay tight too.

However, the most important thing that Paula taught me is that the student union office secretary must be familiar with the members and organisations of the union. I will be working with You, the members of the student union, each day. I aim to get to know each and every one of you and to make the desk a safe haven where you can always come for help (though it may be that you will have to help me out for now, or at least go ask the info desk for directions). I’ll also do my best to think about any possible services the members and organisations might need from the desk (Do you have an idea? Let me steal it!). Come by and say hi and strike up a conversation! I promise I will respond to the name “Paula”, too, at least for the time being.