TREY challenges student organisations to participate in the Hunger Day collection!

In collaboration with the Tampere branch Finnish Red Cross, TREY organises a Hunger Day collection challenge for the organisations of Tampere University! We challenge all student organisations to participate in funds collection on Thursday, 26 September. The organisation that collects the most is rewarded with the Finnish Red Cross’ First aid course for 20 persons (value €1600). Additional rewards go to the organisations whose team 1) has the greatest percentage of collectors in relation to the organisation 2) is the biggest. These teams will be rewarded with a brand new first aid kit and a certificate of honour.

How are the collected Hunger Day funds distributed?

The Hunger Day collection funds go to the FRC’s Disaster Relief Fund, which is not bound to any specific target in advance. This way, the Red Cross can make the decision of offering help immediately when a catastrophe strikes.

The Red Cross helps the people who are in the weakest situation in dozens of countries. The funds of the Disaster Relief Fund are used for supporting people in crisis situations, such as a family who lost their house in a fire, or the field hospitals of the Syrian refugee camps. As the climate change progresses, the Disaster Relief Fund help communities survive the changing natural conditions and prepare for them.

I want my organisation to participate in the collection challenge! What do I do?

Great! Ask your organisation to participate in the challenge. Each organisation can sign up one team and one contact person, but the team can have as many collectors as possible. You can be one of them!

Who can participate in the Hunger Day collection?

Anybody can! In TREY’s collection challenge, the individual organisation teams collect the funds. If you do not want to collect funds within your organisation’s team, you can participate as an independent volunteer by enrolling at the Finnish Red Cross’ website.

How do organisations sign up for the contest?

The organisations sign their organisation or team and contact person plus the number of team members VIA THIS LINK no later than Sunday, 22 September. Remember to inform which distribution point you would like to pick up the collection boxes and vests from. The collected funds of each volunteer in the team will be summed up in the team’s collection box. Each organisation must have a contact person so that TREY and the Red Cross can contact them during the collection contest.

How does the collection work in practice?

Anybody can collect funds in the Red Cross Hunger Day collection, there is no need for prior experience. Collecting funds is easy, and you do not have to be a professional – being active and willing to help is all you need!

The Red Cross delivers the volunteers’ collection boxes and vests to TREY’s service offices. The boxes and vests can be picked up at TREY service office on either the city centre or Hervanta campus on Thursday, 26 September during the office hours. We can also deliver the boxes and vests to Kauppi campus.

Each collector signs a form for their box. The collector is responsible for their own box and vest, which must be returned after the collection. Return the box and the vest no later than 17 o’clock either to the FRC’s Tampuri office in city centre or TREY’s office at Hervanta campus. If you want to return your box and vest before 15:30, you can also return them to TREY’s service point.

When wearing the vest, you are representing both the student community of Tampere and your own organisation as well as the Finnish Red Cross, so remember to be active and polite, and take care of your collection box!

Where can I collect funds?

The whole Tampere is your hunting ground! Look for places with a lot of pedestrians, they are usually good spots for collecting. One of the goals of our challenge is to make Hunger Day visible at the university. TREY has made an agreement with the University that the collectors are free to move in the university’s public places, such as the halls and yard. Please make sure that you are not blocking any passages! Let’s not forget the work and studying peace and go roam lecture halls, lunch cafeterias or working spaces.

The Duo shopping centre has its own collectors, so we would not recommend going there.

Doesn’t the Hunger Day collection last three days?

Yes! Even though TREY’s challenge is on Thursday only, there is no reason why you couldn’t continue collecting funds on Friday and Saturday as well. On Friday and Saturday, the boxes and vests are picked up from the Red Cross’ Tampuri office (Otavalankatu 12) and returned there.

But nobody carries cash anymore! Can one donate electrically during the collection contest?

Yes they can! The FRC uses MobilePay, which can be used for collecting funds during the contest. In this case, the donator must write down the name of the collector team precisely as it was written when the team signed up for the contest. If the name is misspelled or there is none, the donation will not be registered in the team’s collection box.

In short:

Enter your organisation’s team through this form. Pick up the boxes and vests at TREY’s Service office on 26 September and return them by 17 o’clock either to the Finnish Red Cross’ Tampuri office or TREY’s office in Hervanta. Bring honour to your organisation and make yourself feel good. Get involved. Care. Help.

Do you have any further questions?

The collection challenge organiser is TREY’s Social affairs Specialist Milka Hanhela, who can be contacted via email at milka.hanhela [at] or via Telegram @treymilka