Improvements to the Student’s Guide are worked out together

The Student’s Guide of Tampere University has sparked conversation lately due to it’s illegibility and the impracticality of it’s operating system. The information regarding course selections was supposed to be updated to the university community’s channels by the beginning of the academic year, but unfortunately there’s still incomplete information on courses and structures of degree programmes. Additionally, the search isn’t working entirely. At the moment, the Student’s Guide is not suited for the comprehensive planning of studies or information retrieval required from it.

Planning studies is required from students. It should be possible for students to meet this requirement and find information without being burdened immoderately.”, comments Paula Sajaniemi, the chair of the Student Union of Tampere University to Aamulehti.

The problems regarding the Student’s Guide have been acknowledged and the university is presently fixing them. The student union provides information and support while the Student’s Guide is forming and cooperates with the university in developing the Student’s Guide, as well. It is a student’s responsibility to create one’s personal study plan, and the student union emphasizes, that the student needs to have the information required to fill this responsibility. It is the university’s and student union’s shared aspiration that studies can be started as straightforwardly as possible.

This situation might have an impact on the subsistence of students as well, since in some situations Kela may ask for a student’s personal study plan, the making of which is challenging at the moment.  If you face challenges in delivering your personal study plan to Kela, you can contact the social affairs sector of the student union.

Tampere University has gathered tips and instructions regarding the new services. Check them out here.