Influence TREY’s Action Plan of 2021!

The Action Plan of 2021 is here and open for comments from our community! Have a say in what the Student Union will focus on next year! The Action Plan includes the central development projects of the year which deviate from the daily activities of 2021. The Action Plan of 2021 is composed of different projects and doesn’t include TREY’s everyday activities, such as events, advocacy work, the work sectors do in their everyday work and interest group work. The Action Plan of 2021 therefore includes the work that will be done in addition to the aforementioned everday activities.

The Action Plan draft can be commented via a Jotform comment form, where you can find the Action Plan draft attached. Please write down the relevant line numbers in the form and the type of the comment (general comment / change / addition). The comment form is closed on 21 October at midnight.

When commenting the draft, please focus on commenting the targets and suggested measures sections especially. The suggested measures are spesific ideas that could be done next year, and getting to the targets requires both these measures and everyday work and advocacy. The descriptions of today are meant to present some background for the necessity of each project, and carry no guiding role.

If you have any questions regarding the Action Plan, please contact Chair Annika Nevanpää ( and/or the Specialist in Communications and Advocacy Saana Hytönen (