Join us in developing equality in teekkari community. Sign up for an interview by 8.4!

TEK in collaboration with Inklusiiv is running an ongoing project to foster diversity and inclusion within the student environment. Tampereen teekkarit and TREY are also taking part in the project.

The project consist of 4 stages:

  • Interviews to 10 people to understand better what would be important to consider to make the student environment more diverse and inclusive
  • 2 trainings with a focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion in organizations and inclusive leadership
  • A keynote speech about building inclusive student communities
  • Collaborative creation of best practices guidebook to create a diverse and inclusive student environment

Having as many represented voices as possible is important to keep this project inclusive and relevant.

You can participate in the preliminary interviews to determine the state of diversity and inclusion within the student community and influence what topics are the most important to bear in mind. The sign-up for the interviews is open until 8.4.

Sign up here!

We are looking for 10 interviewees. If more than ten people would show interest to be interviewed, Inklusiiv would select the people who would ultimately participate randomly.

The interviews will take place during week 15-16. Interviewees can decide on whether they want to do the interview in English or Finnish.

The interviews and data analysis will be carried out by an external partner (Inklusiiv) to ensure anonymity of the participants. If you have any questions about this you can contact: