Let us raise our glasses – for you

Around this time last year, there was eager waiting in the air for the Council of Representatives elections results in Tampere. This election was special since the students of the contemporary student unions Tamy and TTYY were electing a council that would unify the two. The new Council, already attracting nicknames, did not dramatically alter the daily life of students in Tampere back in 2018, but still it was the first acting body of the new student union. TREY was (almost) born!

That’s enough ancient history for now. This weekend is all about TREY’s first annual celebration, where we will raise our glasses to celebrate our community’s first birthday. More than that, however, it’s a toast to us students, without whom TREY would not exist in the first place.

Throughout the year, supporting our fresh-faced community has been by far the most fascinating aspect of my work within the events sector. TREY does not have two or three distinct student cultures; there are about as many cultures as there are students and organisations. Stepping out of my personal student life bubble and exploring the other organisations’ and student groups’ activities has taught me more about communality, advocacy and the myriad ways of organising an anniversary party than my grand total of seven and a half years of university studies.

Of course, our community has had its growing pains, some of which are surely yet to come. Respecting traditions, being open to learning from others and challenging the ways we think are both essential and extremely difficult – I stumble into one of these almost every day. How can we make sure that all the 18,000 people within TREY feel well and welcome in our community? This, of course, is a never-ending task. Nevertheless, I cannot put into words how impressed I have been with our community’s willingness to drive TREY forward by participation, discussion and encouragement.

It is you, dear student, who should be thanked for TREY. Whether you have been a part of an organisation or event, supported a fellow student or done something – thank you for your effort and work for the community.

At the annual celebrations on Saturday our glasses will be raised to you. Skool!