Look on the bright side of life

The year 2020 has not been great, when looking at humanity as whole. The year began with Australia’s wildfires, which was horrible. One could think that it would be uphill from there, but no.The situation overall has gotten a lot worse. While looking at my reservation for a blogging turn, I thought for a long time what to write about in here. A text about my work, which ignores the whole pandemic situation entirerly? A blog post about how everything is terrible and it is hard to find motivation. In the end I decided to challenge myself and try to write about something positive.

Don’t get me wrong, the current situation is exhausting in many ways. It would be easier to just write about how every day feels like swimming through porridge and things suck. The world seems like a really unpredictable and scary place at times and I’ve missed many things I wanted to experience this year. That being said I also understand that my situation is not particularly bad and many people are a lot more affected by this whole pandemic situation.

Nevertheless I’ve often felt guilty just be being glad or feeling positive during the pandemic. And that is not a good thing.

Feeling ashamed about your emotions is not healthy. Personally I think that we should openly talk about the whole spectrum of feelings that this unusual situation brings forth in us. If you are feeling absolutely tired and unmotivated about everything that is completely understandable. On the other hand if the pandemic has given you more motivation for studying and exercising that is also a valid way of feeling.

Negativity is a cycle that feeds itself, so if all we see in social media is doom and gloom then that is all we will feel. For me, being positive and using humor helps me through many tougher situations. So, I think that it is okay to share a few pictures of picnics and sunsets.

So here’s some positives that I have found during this extremely hard time.

• I’ve come to treasure my friendships even more.
• I’ve found ownership and confidence in my own work. Even though the pandemic in general sucks,
• I’ve tried so many new recipes! Even baking! Mother would be proud!
• The world seems like its changing.
• We are all struggling together. Seeing people adapting, trying their best and keeping up a positive attitude has been inspiring.
• TREY has done a lot of important things even though the pandemic is going on. Diverse advocacy and in my own sector the survey on development on communication.
• And lastly the most positive thing…

Despite everything, summer is here! No more random snowfalls in the middle of May. The sun is shining brightly in the sky, so let’s appreciate it and continue forth with a sunny attitude.