Make Tampere a better student city – tell us your opinion of our urban advocacy goals!

TREY and Tamko (the Students’ Union in Tampere University of Applied Sciences) are creating a joint election platform for the municipal elections next year. The goal of the platform, which consists of our future urban advocacy goals, is to make sure that the students’ voice is heard in the Tampere municipal elections and afterwards during the council’s term 2021-2025.

The whole student body has previously had the opportunity to influence the drafting of the platform through an online brainstorming padlet. Now the first version is up for commentary. Any student in Tampere can now give their opinion on the platform draft through this form: [link]. The PDF version of the draft is available here: Election platform PDF.

You may comment on any or all of the goals in the platform, its composition, wordings, or anything you want. You can also express your wish to remove a goal, present new goals to be added to the platform, or tell us if you agree with the goals. If you want more information on any part of the platform, hover your mouse over the text and you can read more about why that part has been included in the first version.

So, go ahead and tell us what you think! All opinions are essential in improving the platform and eventually creating a version which echoes the opinions of all the students of Tampere. Filling the form takes 10 to 20 minutes depending on how many comments you have. The form is open until Friday, 4 September 2020.

A new version of the election platform will be drafted during early Autumn. Finally it will be examined by the representative councils of TREY and Tamko, who have the final word on the programme’s composition. The councils are the highest decisive body of both student unions. The process is intended to ascertain that all students have an opportunity to have a say on what our urban advocacy looks like, and that TREY’s and Tamko’s advocacy efforts towards the city truly reflects the students’ needs and opinions in the coming years.

Once the platform is ready, we begin to advocate its goals to political parties and city council candidates in the municipal elections. This way the students’ objectives will gain visibility in the elections of spring 2021 and afterwards. The election platform will determine the framework of the efforts of TREY’s and Tamko’s cooperative urban advocacy group, Group 35,000, for the coming years.

The student unions in Tampere boast a tradition of several years of cooperative advocacy. A number of our political goals have come true over the years. Now is the time to write the next chapter of a student-friendly Tampere!


Process timeline for the students’ election platform:

  • January 2020: The year’s first meeting for Group 35000 & start of the work
  • February 2020: Sifting through the previous platform; drafting the online brainstorming padlet
  • March 2020: Gathering students’ opinions through the online padlet
  • April 2020: Drafting the first version of the platform based on earlier work
  • May – September 2020: The round of commentary for the student community
  • September 2020: Student Union representative councils’ round of commentary; drafting the 2nd version
  • October 2020: Setting the seal on the platform in the representative councils of TREY and Tamko

Do you have questions regarding the students’ election platform or the work we do to promote students’ interests in the city? Would you like a presentation of the platform for your own organization? Please contact sopo (at)!