Nominate a candidate for the Tampere University Societal Impact Award

Tampere University has a commitment to maintain active interaction with and deliver a positive impact on the broader society. Which member or group within our university community has made an extraordinary contribution to increasing our University’s societal interaction and impact?

The majority of our University’s societal impact comes from education and research. In addition to these core activities, our University collaborates with and contributes to society through multiple avenues. Some examples of our societal interaction with a local, national and global impact include alumni relations, expert involvement in policy-making, innovation activities, media presence, public events, partnerships, lifelong learning, education export, and development cooperation. As stated in our strategy, Tampere University is committed not only to making a positive impact on society but also to maintaining active interaction with society as a means of achieving excellent results.

Universities have traditionally given out annual awards to recognise outstanding achievements in education and research. To highlight the important role of societal impact and interaction alongside research and education, the University has decided, on the initiative of the Societal Interaction Council, to establish a new annual award called Tampere University Societal Impact Award.

The award will

  • highlight the importance of societal interaction and impact across the university community
  • strengthen the profile of Tampere University as an organisation that invests in and actively engages in societal interaction
  • recognise the members of the university community for their extraordinary achievements and encourage them to actively interact with society
  • bring forth and share information about exemplary and successful societal interaction practices within the university community

Nominate your candidate by filling out an online form by 12 noon on 6 September

We invite all the members of our university community to nominate candidates for the Societal Impact Award. The invitation is published on the intranet and other communication channels used by the faculties and student associations. The award may be granted to a member of the Tampere University community (student, employee, grant holder) or a group within that community (such as a research group, service unit or student association) that has made a significant contribution to promoting the University’s societal interaction and impact.

Please nominate your candidate and state why this candidate deserves to win by filling out the online nomination form. Please describe your candidate’s contribution and how it has increased the University’s societal impact or interaction. This contribution can be an act, an operational model or similar. Please also clearly state the party or parties that you think should receive the award (for example, whether the award should go directly to a person or persons or to the faculty for a research group).

The Societal Interaction Council will select the winner and confer two honourable mentions. The Societal Impact Award is worth €5,000 and the honourable mentions €2,500 each. The awards are sponsored by the University of Tampere Foundation and the Industrial Research Fund of Tampere University of Technology.

Pirjo Kuhanen
Meeting facilitator of the Societal Interaction Council
Tel. +35840 849 0800