Nysse student discount ticket is the subject of discussion!

In December, the Helsinki Administrative Court overturned the decision of the Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL) to move the student ticket discount to the mobile application only, as it violated the Administrative Law. The administrative court justified its decision with the fact that HSL’s board has not done enough investigative work to support the decision. Also in Tampere region’s public transport, in Nysse, the student discount has been available for the last two years also and only with a mobile application.

When Tampere’s public transport prepared the change to move the student discount to be used only with the Nyssen mobile application in the fall of 2020, TREY was not asked for a comment or statement on the subject.

TREY tried to influence the transfer of the student discount to the mobile application only by publishing a statement about the changes regarding the student discount, and sending it to the public transport board of the Tampere urban area. However, the statement did not affect the final result, so TREY filed a rectification claim for the decision. The rectification request did not produce any measures at Nysse.

TREY hopes that the Tampere region’s public transport will compare its process with that of HSL and find it deficient without having to clarify the legality of the situation in the administrative court.