Ode to Wappu, community and being a student

The overalls slip past the front lawn in all colors. I take pictures, people smile. The music’s playing. Radio booth door’s are busy. We are saying hi’s to acquaintances. My heart is warmed by this feeling… I love Wappu.

Wappu didn’t mean much to me until I got to university. Summer seemed to be everything. I was attracted to the freedom and warmth of the summer. The events and the atmosphere. What used to make me like summer is now the reason I love Wappu. And wappu is not just a season – it is a state of mind that just needs to be experienced.

Last year, I decided to make the most of my first on-site wappu. I dived into the opportunities offered by the Break-away Wappu and attended 47 wappu events during the 2022 Wappu. I finished the Teemutour as well. I was able to see a lot of the beauty of what a Tampere student wappu can give. And I don’t regret it for a second. I think everyone should go through wappu at least once… because there’s something for everyone. There are sitsis, plays, dogs, summer terraces, bingos, parties and, above all, places to see old friends and make new friends.

I’m studying at the City Centre campus and the cross-disciplinary wappu is the best thing I know. Wappu means open community for me – everyone is welcome to join regardless of the study field and years of study. There are meaningful events and new friends for everyone. In my opinion, Wappu is built through the people and community. It is created through organisers, nakki people, photographers and all of us attending the events. The responsibility for a great Wappu spirit and a good student culture is therefore shared by us all. We have to make sure that everyone is welcome to join and nobody is left alone during Wappu. Because Wappu belongs to everyone.

You can’t predict how important those new encounters during Wappu really are. During the last two Wappus, I have met many whom I now consider to be in a : current colleagues, friends, and even my partner. Wappu can mean a lot more to you than time or place if you take on an adventure. I’m urging you on to take part in Wappu. To come to the events. At least to try it. Perhaps you can find your inner wizard and see why Wappu is said to be the best time for students.

Welcome – see you at the events!

Mea Vähä-Jaakkola
Emäteemu 2021 & 2022, hopefully also 2023
Board member of TREY