Operational Grants of 2024 have been decided!

TREY’s Board made the decision on operational grants of 2024 in their meeting on 13 June 2024. The decision was made within two months after the application period had ended, which is within the deadline set by the Association Standing Order. The payment information is checked within TREY’s payments, after which the grant distribution and the payment information will be forwarded to Tampereen Ylioppilastalosäätiö.

The grants were awarded based on two different indicators. Out of the €81,000, €45,000 euros were granted based on the quality of associations’ activities by grading their answers. €36,000 euros were awarded based on the financial need of the association.

The amounts of grants can be found in TREY’s media library here (248 kt, .pdf)

The points of the motivational part can be found in TREY’s media library here (665 kt, .pdf).

The files may have slight accessibility issues with a reading device related to the reading order of the tables.

Should you have any questions on the grants, please do not hesitate to contact TREY’s association sector at jarjesto@trey.fi.