Participate in planning the Student Union’s 2020!

You have a great opportunity to influence TREY’s future and its goals in 2020!

The Plan of Action is a steering document which defines TREY’s focal points for a year at a time. We have now started the Plan of Action process for 2020. Because we hope to reflect the diversity of our community in our work, we are calling you to tell us what the Student Union should do next year!  We also wish to receive suggestions for the economic focal points of the Student Union.

This year’s Plan of Action has concentrated on building a communal Student Union in the wake of the merger process. We have worked towards building a new culture, establishing our advocacy work and strengthening the relationships with our partners. This year’s Plan of Action can be found here.

Here you can find a form through which all the members of our community can leave their suggestions for next year’s Plan of Action and budget. The Council of Representatives will approve the steering documents for 2020 in its meeting on 26 November 2019.