Participate in planning the Student Union’s 2023!

Do you want to influence what the Student Union will focus on in 2023? Now is your chance!

The action plan is a document guiding the activities of the Student Union and it defines what activities we especially focus on one year at a time. Planning for next year’s activities will start now in August, and we want you to tell us what we should focus on next year! We also look forward to suggestions for next year’s financial priorities and the calendar of events!

This year’s action plan has focused on, among other things, developing our member services, increasing the interest towards student representative activities, recovering from the pandemic, and updating the Student Union’s strategy. This year’s action plan and other steering documents can be found on TREY’s website here.

Here on Microsoft Forms, you can find a form through which all the members of our community can leave their suggestions for next year’s action plan, budget, and event calendar. The form requires signing in by using your tuni-account.

Suggestions will be gathered until 21 August 2022. The draft of the action plan will go through a public comment round in October, and the Council of Representatives will approve the steering documents for 2023 in its autumn meeting on 23 November 2022.