TREY wishes a happy Pride month!

The message of the Pride festival stretches both back and forward in time. As we look back, we remember the long and persistent work of the pioneers of equality, thanks to whom the world has begun to understand the incredible diversity of human sexuality and gender in new ways. And as we look forward, we glimpse a future in which these differences are accepted as part of the human experience, and everyone has an equal right to identity and self-expression.

We students are a very diverse group of people, and Pride is a celebration of diversity. We celebrate the fact that each of us is an individual with our individual qualities, dreams and wounds, and each of us equally invaluable regardless of our gender, sexuality or other traits. We students all have one thing in common: we want to learn about the world and understand its phenomena thoroughly. During Pride month we can celebrate the progress that has dispelled many a prejudice in favour of knowledge and scientific understanding.

We still have much to do before every one of us feels equally accepted as a student and as a human being in this society. Right now, however, it’s time to celebrate all the steps that have already been taken. We wish everyone a lovely and sunny Pride month!