Propose the recipients for Good Teacher Award!

The Student Union of Tampere University appreciates the quality of teaching, the willingness of teachers to improve their courses and being student friendly. TREY’s goal is to reward faculty members widely in the community. As such the student union honours exceptional members of the teaching faculty with the Good Teacher -award. The award is organized with The University of Tampere Foundation and The Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology. This yearly award will be gifted to three members of the teaching facility.

The executive board of TREY has appointed a committee to coordinate this award. The committee has opened a form that can be used to submit your proposal of this year’s winner. The form is open from April 24 to May 15. You can find the Form here. The suggestions should be clear and justified well. In addition, we hope that all the questions asked in the form are filled.

The Good Teacher-award’s recipients are not limited based on campus. However, during the selection process we will take into account the three focus areas of the Tampere University: technology, health, and society.The award can be given to any person who is part of the teaching faculty. There will be three recipients of the award which consists of the 2000 euro stipend awarded by the University of Tampere Foundation and Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology. In addition the award includes a caricature drawing to the Good Teacher-walls on each campus. The stipends are given out by TREY on the award ceremony in September and the caricatures are published in the student unions annual celebration in October. The general criteria of the award are

  • The variety of teaching methods and tools
  • The accessibility of the education
  • Motivating students and
  • The interactivity of the teaching situations

The Good Teacher -award committee has decided that in 2023, the special criterion for the award is Commitment to teaching current issues and innovate teaching to current needs. Regarding the special criterion you can, for example, consider the following questions: How does the teacher combine current topics with the theory of the field? Does the teacher take into account the students’ wishes regarding teaching methods? How is flexibility taken into account in teaching?


More information about the award and making the suggestions

Jenna Rantanen, TREY’s Specialist in Educational and International Affairs, TG: @treyjenna