Share your opinion on the University’s strategy before 27 January noon!

At the end of 2019 the university’s strategy was elaborated based on the values of the university community. The key to the strategy work is what Tampere University will be known for in 2030. The strategy itself was created in 2018 and the ongoing elaboration work will crystallise it. During the elaboration work an open web brainstorming was organised for the community and it was also worked on in the faculty councils and academic board. TREY organised its own workshop for students, where they reflected on the reasons why students want to apply to study at the Tampere University. They also outlined visions for why a student who has recently begun their studies can be content and proud of the university in ten years’ time.

The strategy process has been coordinated by a group led by President Walls. In this group, we students have been represented by Paula Sajaniemi, Chair of TREY Executive Board in 2019. The draft strategy was created through all this work, and now the community has the chance to comment on it!

The elaborated draft strategy and the online form for commenting are in the Tampere University’s intra. Go check them out on Intra and comment on them by Monday 27 January 12.00. Note that the translation of the elaborated draft strategy is a draft one.

By commenting you can contribute to building the university and support the processing of the strategy in the board. The board of Tampere University decides on the strategy in its meeting on Wednesday 29 January. The goal is to continue processing the university strategy on the annual basis in different bodies such as in the faculty councils.

More information on the university strategy work from the Specialist in Educational Affairs Jenny Vaara (, 050 361 2847).