Sisu is here! Students electronic services are changing

Students electronic services are changing this autumn with the release of Sisu and Student’s Intranet. In addition the Student’s Guide has undergone changes! More information on the changes in electronic services for students can be found on Intra.


Student information system Sisu is here! Sisu is published to us students on the 5. of August and from now on planning studies, enrolling for courses and other study related subjects are done through Sisu.

Student’s intranet

In addition to the changes Sisu brings us, the Students Intranet is also going through a reform and adding new features! The Intra features for students are bringing widgets to Intra, which include f.ex information about courses, course credits, exams and events. From now on in addition to the community’s news you can find a calendar and important announcements from background systems. Widgets – or miniature programs – bring information to Intranet from systems like Sisu and Exam. Students intra functions are launched together with Sisu.

Sisu, the widgets in Intra and other systems are replacing the old systems from previous universities, which were removed during the maintenance break during summer.

Student’s Guide

The student information view in Student’s Guide has also been updated during the summer. The view has gotten a new visual look starting 3. of August. The new layout makes search and filter functions easier to use. Starting from the academic year 2020-2021 the curriculum of Tampere University can be found on the Student’s Guide. The Student’s Guide has been revised based on the given feedback, so thanks to everyone who participated in the development work! More info on the updates in Student’s Guide can be found on Intra.