Statement: Students must not become payers of the closure due to corona

We students demand that sports fees be refunded for the period when the sports facilities have been closed due to the corona pandemic. Exceptional circumstances hit everyone hard, but individual students must not be left in the role of the payer in the situation.

SportUni’s sports facilities were closed in December based on the corona restrictions. Although the sports facilities are now being opened in a controlled manner, which we think is great, the services have been closed for months now and the students have not got their sports fees back from the period when the sports facilities could not be used. There have been some remote services available during the closure, but in their extent, these do not correspond to the normal conditions or the services that students have paid for.

We understand that SportUni’s operations cause many fixed costs and that sports fee income covers a large part of the costs of sports services. In no other context during these exceptional times does an individual consumer have to pay for a situation where, due to corona restrictions, the service is not available. It is not reasonable for students to have to take responsibility for SportUni’s financial stability in a similarly difficult financial situation. The organization should take the blow instead.  We appeal to the higher education institutions’ managements and the University Foundation that the payments for sports services be refunded during the closure and that funding to cover losses be sought elsewhere.

We are also concerned that not refunding the sports fees will have a significant impact on students’ confidence in SportUni’s operations. If the students feel that the services cannot be trusted or that they do not get their money’s worth, some students may not pay the SportUni sports fee in the future and switch to another service provider. This is not the development we hope for. It is in the interest of the entire university community that higher education institutions have high-quality sports services. Sports fees finance SportUni’s operations, and if the number of people who pay the sports fee decreases, the level of services may also decrease due to the lack of funding.

We believe that together we will overcome the challenges posed by the corona and will soon be able to use sports services normally again. Student sports services play a significant role in maintaining students’ well-being now and in the future.

Additional information: TREY’s board member Lassi Halminen,, +358 40 713 0088

Statement signed by: Aatos, Automaatiotekniikan kilta ry, Bioteekkarikilta Bioner ry, Biopsi ry, Boomi ry, Complex ry, Cortex ry, Herwannan Hauiskääntö ry, Iltakoulu ry, Interaktio ry, ITU ry, Johto ry, Kasvo ry, KeparDI, Koneenrakentajakilta ry, Kopula ry, Lexica ry, Luuppi ry, Materiaali-insinöörikilta ry, Mentor ry, NääsPeksi ry, OKA ry, Patina ry, Reettorit ry, Sähkökilta ry, SOS ry, Spatikka ry, Spinni ry, Staabi ry, Tampereen Arkkitehtikilta ry, Tampereen Lääketieteen Kandidaattiseura ry, Tampereen Rakentajakilta ry, Tampereen TietoTeekkarikilta ry, Tampereen YK-yhdistys TAYK ry, Teema ry, Teknis-luonnontieteellinen kilta Hiukkanen ry, TELOK ry, Tietojohtajakilta Man@ger ry, TIPSY ry, Tr3 Gamers ry, Transla ry, Tuotantotalouden kilta Indecs ry, UDK ry, Yhteiskunta- ja terveystieteiden ylioppilaat YTY ry, Ympäristöteekkarikilta ry, Ääni ry