Student, tell us your opinion on the university’s financing model by 29th April!

Which matter is important in your faculty? Is it related to education, research or to societal impact of the faculty? The university is creating an internal financing model, including result-based indicators that guide how the funding is distributed to the faculties. We students are invited to influence on the development process of the financing model.

Tampere University is drafting a financing model, and TREY has been invited to comment the model. The faculties have been asked to give statements on the so-called stabilisation fund, which is allocated based on the history and on the results. Now we are looking for comments on the indicators that guide the distribution of results-based funding.

The Ministry of Education and Culture allocates ca. 193 million euros core funding for Tampere University annually, which is distributed according to the internal model created by the university. For the years 2021-2024 the ministry has created a new financing model. The financing model within the university may vary from the ministry’s model, as in this way it is possible to take into consideration the particular features of the university, for example the diversity of fields and the needs for support services. You can read more about the modell from ministry’s website.

The internal financing model of Tampere University lays the basis for the distribution of funding within the university. For the years 2019 and 2020 the funding has been allocated based on the expenditure of the previous year. However, for 2021 there will be a new financing model in which the unallocated funding to the faculties will be distributed based on the expenditures and the results. This unallocated funding forms the main part of faculties’ finances.

Now faculties and TREY are asked to provide input on the financing model, in particular on the indicators. Indicators can be either new or taken from the ministry’s financing model. Each indicator should fit one of the following categories: education, research and societal impact (i.e. networking, impact and cooperation). A good indicator is defined in terms that are observable and measurable. In the financing model there are several indicators and weights can be assigned to them. The faculty may emphasise some indicators over the others. Some indicators may be shared within the university, some may be faculty specific.

TREY is drafting a statement on the internal financing model and all our students’ views are important in the process. You may contribute by filling out the survey below. By responding you may have your say how the funding is distributed at Tampere University. The survey is open until Wednesday 29 April at 23:59.

Link to the survey: Survey about the Tampere University internal financing model

Data protection form is only in Finnish. If you have more questions about the surveys data protection, you can inquire it from TREYs office.

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