TREY proposes Onni Härkönen and Aino Halinen to SYL’s Executive Board in 2024. Get to know our candidates on this page!

Aino Halinen

I’m Aino Halinen and I am a candidate for the Executive Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for the year 2024. As of right now, I work as one of the Specialists in Social Affairs in the Executive Board of the Student Union of Tampere University. My main responsibilities include wellbeing, health, equality, and sustainable development. I am a third-year social sciences student.

I wanted to apply for a position in SYL because I want to be there to make sure that we students can live secure everyday life. Sufficient income, comfortable and affordable housing, free and accessible education, feelings of being safe and accepted in society, and strong actions to promote sustainable development create well-being and security for people.

In SYL board I want to dive straight into the deep end of social affairs. I want to be able to develop the overall student wellbeing and health, and I am especially interested in having influence in the current situation of FSHS. I also want to bring my own expertise to the development cooperation sector and highlight the importance of the development cooperation and sustainable development.

If SYL were to choose me for the position, they would get a board member who is motivated, hardworking, able to have fun but also not afraid to challenge themself. I have plenty of experience and just as much motivation to learn new things. I want to play my part in building a strong and cohesive student movement that will make a lasting difference for a better present and future.


  • Tampere University, Social Sciences Degree Programme (2021-)
  • Upper Secondary School of Ristiina, secondary school graduate 2020

Positions of trust


  • Board member of the Student Union of Tampere University, social affairs sector: wellbeing, health, equality, and sustainable development
  • Development cooperation project Scouts, Peace, and Security – Finland-Nepal partnership project, member of the project group (2021-2025)
  • Board member of the executive board of Plan International Finland (2023-2024)
  • Member of Tampere Student Housing Foundation sr delegation (2023-2024)
  • Member of the Strategy, Administration and Finance Committee of Interaktio ry


  • Member of the Board of the Association of Subjects Interaktio ry
  • Cultural Responsible Member of the Finnish Scouts’ Social Relations Education Project Group
  • Member of the Järvi-Suomen Partiolaiset ry social media team (2020-2022)


  • Volunteer of the Year, Plan International Finland
  • Girls’ Day Coordinator in Mikkeli, Plan International Finland
  • Sitra, Lab 2: Solutions from the Nature, member of the youth group (2020-2021)


  • Young Equality Influencer, Plan International Finland

Contact information

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Telegram: @haliaiski


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Onni Härkönen

I’m Onni Härkönen, a fourth year Social Sciences student and I am a candidate for the Executive Board of National Union of University Students in Finland’s (SYL). This year I am the Vice Chair of TREY’s Executive Board. In addition, I am responsible for parliamentary elections, national educational affairs, and university administration.

I am a candidate for the Executive Board of National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for the year 2024 because we students deserve better. We deserve free, high quality higher education, adequate social security, and affordable housing. We deserve a Finland that actively works for the realisation of human rights and takes the climate crisis and the loss of nature seriously and tries to prevent them.

The student movement must stand actively on the side of the weakest and work for better everyday life for students. Free and high-quality education, as well as the intrinsic value of education, must be at the core of SYL’s advocacy work also in the future. The accessibility of education must be improved and the amount of basic funding for higher education must be increased. This is the work that I want to contribute to.

At the forefront of my own expertise is educational affairs. I am seasoned in educational affairs and always ready to learn new things and challenge myself. If I was to be chosen for the position, SYL would get a competent and strict advocate who is ready to open his mouth even in difficult situations. Let’s work together for an even more impressive student movement!


  • Tampere University, Degree Programme in Social Sciences (2020-). Social Science History and Russian and Eurasian Studies study module as free choice studies.
  • Kallio Upper Secondary School of Performing Arts. Secondary school graduate (2016–2019), 20 Performing Arts classes.

Positions of trust

Student Union of Tampere University

  • The Vice Chair of the Executive Board (elections, national educational affairs and university administration) 2023
  • Member of the Council of Representatives and Chair of the Group, member of the Administrative Committee 2021-2022 (Vihreä lista)

Tampere University

  • Education Coucil member 2023-
  • Member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2023-
  • Education Council Debuty member 2022
  • Debuty member of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2022

The Federation of Green Youth and Students & Vihreä liitto

  • Member of the party council 2023-
  • Chair of the Educational Affairs Programme Working Group 2022
  • Regional election candidate, Pirkanmaa 2022
  • Debuty member of the party council 2021-2023
  • Member of the Executive Committee, Educational Affairs and Equality 2021
  • Member of the Helsinki Green Youth Board 2020

Contact information

Onni’s Instagram

Onni’s Twitter

Telegram: @onniharkonen