Students’ contributions at Pride: the young progressing equality

The Pride month is a communal and festive time spent all around the world, with emphasis on demanding equal rights for sexual and gender minorities and increasing awareness of diversity. Pride has always been a movement that is supported by the contributions of active individuals, groups and communities. And nowadays, students can definitely be recognised as one of these groups that bring their A game to the celebration of Pride month.

Students have always been frontrunners in societal movements and change, with Pride being no exception. At the moment, students have risen to the front lines, fighting to increase equality and dismantle discrimination at all levels of education. We’ve created safe spaces in our places of study and living where everyone can feel accepted and welcome exactly as they are.

One example of students vying for equality is our work in educating and training others. Numerous student associations, LGBT+ associations and other active students have arranged workshops, lectures and discussions on the rights and culture of sexual and gender minorities. This allows us to spread information and provoke discussions that are inevitable for attitude change and anti-discriminatory action.

On top of that, we students are important and active participants and organisers at Pride marches and other Pride events. We have been and are visible all over the world, in cities and on campuses, proudly wearing the rainbow colors and encouraging other to join in. Students’ participation does bring in that all-important energy and youthful excitement that allows us to create impressive and supportive climates.

Throughout history, Pride has always been a critical phenomenon and still is. It’s so crucial to remember that student communities have had such an important forefront role in societal discussions, and we often might forget the realities outside our own groups. Around the world and even here in Finland, we still stumble in matters of equality, and it’s not necessarily something that is guaranteed in all situations. But every single one of us can be part of this ground-breaking movement as individuals, as students and on the wings of organisations.
Have a joyous Pride month, everyone, and make sure to carry yourself with pride!