Students’ focus group of educational reform and IT service development

Edit March 16: If you are interested in working in the focus group, please fill your information into this GoogleForm:  

We are starting up a student focus group with which the university specialists can cooperate with in the preparation phase of planning the changes in study practices and changes in the information systems.

We hope that we can form a group with a representative and a deputive member/members from each faculty. This way the plans could be evaluated quite comprehensively from the perspective of different study fields. On the other hand the members of each faculty can share the workload of participating in the workshops.

The working method is to arrange 2-hour workshops approximately once a month during spring and autumn terms in 2020. If the workshop requires preliminary work, such as discussions of topics with other students before the workshop, this is planned to take 2 hours at most.

The first task of the focus group will be to test the basic instructions of Sisu for students concerning the basics of study plan and course enrolment, which are under preparation. We hope to be able to arrange the first workshop for this already in the end of March.

Hopefully we will have a good work group in place that can help us to detect the most important questions from student perspective in the planning phase. When the student members are decided, their contact information can be mailed to .

You are warmly welcome to cooperate with us.

Sami Hautakangas
Educational reform, coordination of curriculum design and development
Education and Learning, Support Services for Educational Leardership and Development